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Optimal Health

Your nervous system is at the forefront of your body’s sensory radar to identify the safety of your environment. For most of us, unless you know you have EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) the majority of the population cannot feel electromagnetic smog.  YET – your body can and does – why? Because the DNA in each and every cell in your body is a fractal antenna – both sending and receiving electromagnetic information. Today, ambient fields of electromagnetic (microwave) radiation are more than 10 billion times higher than any other time in planetary history! In 1992 the US Air Force studied radio frequency radiation extensively and found that it caused cancer in rats. In 2010 and 2011 the Interphone Study found that cell phone associated brain tumors increased 40-248%. In 2011 the World Health Organization classified cell phone emissions as a group 2B carcinogen to humans. Optimal health is derived from the ability of your body to feel safe and not in a state of constant stress. 

Neuro Networks


Sleep Sanctuary

Assessing where you sleep is one of the most critical components of an EMF evaluation. When you sleep you generate melatonin, which augments the process of mitosis, or building of healthy new cells. Your body does not generate melatonin when stress as a result of electromagnetic toxicity is present. Your sleep sanctuary is defined by:

A body voltage while lying in bed that is at or very near 0 millivolts

Radio frequency radiation is less than 5 microwatts per square meter

Magnetic field readings that are less than 0.2 milligauss

Electric field strength is less than 0.3 volts per meter

⚡Geopathic stress lines are not intersecting your bed

⚡A direct connection to the earth (earthing bed sheet, pad or custom mat) is established only after all of the above is met.

If your sleep environment meets the criteria described above – whether your are an elite athlete, a retired senior, a newborn infant or the family pet, your sleep will be restorative bliss and you will feel your best. This environment is NOT “rouleaux generating” – rather, it is the opposite – which is a vitality generating sanctuary.



Home/Work Safety & Harmony

Much like the many wavy lines shadowed beneath this print – you are exposed daily to a broad array of frequencies and they all effect you to varying degrees – they are nearly always in the background. NVN (Neural Vitality Networks) specializes in the restoration of home, office or healing center/clinic to ensure you are EMF (electromagnetically) safe and in harmony with nature. Our services include:

Home EMR assessment and creation of sleep sanctuaries.

Property evaluation – including geopathic stress line assessment and EMR evaluation.

Smart Meter evaluation and emissions logging (continuous data collection and graphing).

Home wiring evaluation – wiring error (net current) remediation as well as plumbing current EMF testing and mitigation.

Health Practitioner office space evaluation – and creation of optimal environments for healing – trauma release and nervous system repair.

Earthing installations and custom faraday cages.



Are you passionate about your health? Do you feel your best when you awaken each morning? Do you know that your body and each and every cell is in electromagnetic communication with your nervous system, your circulatory system, and each and every red blood cell circulating within you now? Illustrated below is the effect generated when any “body” is exposed to electromagnetic frequencies [AC magnetic fields, electric fields, radio fields – including cell phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, or any wireless device]. The condition shown in image #2 and #3 is called rouleaux. Rouleaux are stacks or aggregations of red blood cells – they occur when the plasma protein concentration is high – this is a non specific indicator of inflammation and disease.

What does this mean?  Your neural intelligence is in a stress response – your body has activated the production of stress proteins – and your blood cells, which normally or optimally are negatively charged and repel each other – are now electron deficient and in duress.  In short – your vitality has been compromised as a result of the activation of your sympathetic nervous system – imbalance in your environment is present and your body is responding appropriately and intelligently. The question is – do you thrive in this environment?  Do you know you’re in a subtle yet clinically verifiable stress response?  Is your living – working – sleeping environment generating this response in perpetuity? I do this work because I’m passionate about supporting the creation of living environments that mimic the natural balance of nature – as close as possible.  It’s a network that when balanced (body – environment) allows your life to thrive.


Riun AshlieRiun Ashlie

Riun is a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Assessment Specialist (EMRS), somatic healing practitioner and men’s group leader. He recently completed a two year internship at Colorado Therapies and Aquatic Center practicing pre/perinatal psychotherapy. He is a graduate of Dr Annie Brook’s Body Mind Somanautics, an advanced training in healing birth trauma, somatic attachment, shock, group process and anatomy re-patterning. He is also a graduate of the Hendricks Institute’s two year Leadership and Transformation Coaching program. Riun’s work is at the very edge of where health and environment meet. His path of learning has deeply informed his understanding of the nervous system, health, and the body’s ability to repair, restore and sustain harmony.


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