Creating Electromagnetic Safety and Harmony in Home Body and Being

Finding Harmony in Home, Body, and Being in an Electromagnetic World.

5G in your area? (Fifth Generation Cellular Network) Difficulty Sleeping?

We offer spectral analysis and data logging services to accurately identify sources and assess your radio frequency radiation (RF) exposure.

Are Smart Meters Making You Sick?

Contact us for an assessment of smart meter emissions in your home. Be it electric, gas, or water, many homes have all three utilities emitting pulsed radio frequencies.

Our EMF Services

“Creating Electromagnetic Safety and Harmony in Home Body and Being”.

EMF Assessments

We specialize in the restoration of home, office or healing center/clinic to ensure you are EMF (electromagnetically) safe and in harmony with nature. Learn More.

EMF Essentials

Schedule a consultation with Neural Vitality Networks. We’ll help you develop the strategies necessary to protect yourself from the increasing levels of electro-pollution in our environments. Learn More.

EMF Products

Shop our online EMF Store for all your product needs to help protect you from EMFs. Our featured products are offered in partnership with Safe Living Technologies. Enter code NVN-05 at check-out for a 5% discount. Learn More.

Schedule an EMF Consultation today!

Schedule a telephone consultation with Riun Ashlie, Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Assessment Specialist (EMRS).