About Us

Riun Ashlie is a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Assessment Specialist (EMRS), somatic healing practitioner and men’s group leader. He recently completed a 2-year internship at Colorado Therapies and Aquatic Center practicing pre/perinatal psychotherapy. Riun is also a graduate of BodyMind Somanautics Course (Founded by Dr. Annie Brook), an advanced training in healing birth trauma, somatic attachment, shock, group process and anatomy re-patterning. He is also a graduate of the Hendricks Institute 2-year Leadership and Transformation Coaching. His path of learning has deeply informed his understanding of the nervous system, health, and the body’s ability to repair, restore and sustain harmony. The electromagnetic fields that most of us are now exposed to run counter to the requisite conditions that are essential to our biology and health. Riun’s work is at the very edge where health and environment converge.

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