Bed Canopy Floor Sheet Naturell


Shielding sleeping areas from below is essential if your bedroom is not directly on the ground / earth or a concrete slab. Shielding is achieved with this floor sheet also made from Swiss Shield Naturell fabric. The sheet is to be laid under the bed or carpet and is finished with a hem on all sides. To achieve optimal results, it is important to install this item as well as the canopy in a low AC electric field environment. We recommend the use of a body voltage kit, an AC Electric Field meter and or the assistance of an EMF measuring technician to ensure the sleeping area has low AC Electric Field exposure. Please note there are alternatives such as shielding mesh or foil which may also be considered – please consult Neural Vitality Networks to determine the most suitable and economical option for your canopy application. Product #: SLT-1087.

Single Naturell
($195.00 USD Each)
Double / Queen Naturell
($250.00 USD Each)
King Naturell
($304.00 USD Each)

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