Shut Off Device – Remote Cut Off Switch + 24 Amp Contactor


This is a “must have” for your low EMF sleeping sanctuary to easily manage and eliminate electric fields in your bedrooms. How does it work? Once all affecting circuits are identified for a particular bedroom and the optimal combination of circuits to be shut off is established – the remote cutoff is installed to control these circuits by the simple press of a button from your bed. By eliminating these circuits you have also eliminated the broadcasting of dirty electricity emanating from these circuits as well. The transmission signal from the remote switch only transmits when the remote control is pressed. The remote switch unit Includes a 4 port contractor to control up to 4 circuits. With additional contractors, additional circuits can be added (ensure correct amperage rating). As well, the remote can control up to four different zones where each button on the remote is assigned to a different circuit or circuits for more complex installations where multiple bedrooms are involved. Unit comes with a 2 year warranty.

Accessories available include:
• Additional Hand Held Transmitter (shut off unit is shipped with 2 remotes; however, if more than two are needed this is an option available to you.
• Extended Antenna with 50 foot cable also available aid signal/transmission communication if necessary

4 Circuit Contactor – 12VDC, 24Amp
Product #: SLT-1340

4 Circuit Contactor – 12VDC, 40Amp
Product #: SLT-1341

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