RF Meters Acoustimeter AM-10


For the non-professional it is critically imperative that your RF broadband meter purchase spans the range from 800Mhz through to at least 6Ghz. The importance of this criteria is to ensure you have the capability to detecting Wifi sources in the 5Ghz frequency range. The Acoustimeter AM-10spans from 200MHz to 8GHz. It is a very reliable, user friendly RF meter. The display includes two vertical graduated LED lights and an LCD text display which provides precise measurement of peak and average values recorded and more importantly, for the laymen the lights show the values with respect to safe – precautionary – dangerous so you don’t have to necessarily know the units of measure or do any conversions of the date. The unit has an audio output to aid with source identification and this too is an invaluable feature – consider that if the AM-10 registers an audio output your body can more readily than any meter, detect such signals.

A note regarding operation, the units built in antenna is located at the top rear of the case. During operation, signals are best measured with the source behind the instrument, but also quite good with the source to one or other side (particularly the left side away from the switches and volume control). It under-reads if the source is in front of the meter as the LCD display acts as an RF screen.

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