Each meeting has a focal topic; however, the intended value is not only education but also the opportunity to share and connect on related issues and network your successes – either related to remediation or health challenges. Although the range of subject matter is very broad – we’ll loosely limit our focus for discussion within four general categories; Radio Frequency Radiation, Electric Field Exposure, AC Magnetic Field Exposure, Dirty Electricity, DC Magnetic / Geopathic Stress and Health/Products.

Next Meeting: Sunday July 17th, 3:30-5

For our upcoming meeting Riun will present and discuss issues related to Radio Frequency Radiation exposure – effects, detection, safe levels for sleeping and remediation.  I know this is an extremely broad subject – lets see what we can discover and consider whether this subject personal relevance and whether you have something you’d like to share.

Finally, our venue is free of Wifi (except neighbors), its been filtered for dirty electricity and geopathically harmonized.

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