An excellent presentation on understanding DE filters and the effects to be aware of.

Some people actually feel worse when they use Stetzer and GreenWave filters, here is why. Talk by Michael Neuert, an EMF test engineer with 23 years experience. Click the time links below to go directly to any chapter:

Part 1: Introduction: Potential problems from dirty electricity filters 0:12
Part 2: How the dirty electricity filters work 5:15
Part 3: The filters make their own magnetic fields 9:54
Part 4: The filters can increase the magnetic fields from your wiring 12:02
Part 5: There is little or no reduction in the strength of the electric fields 15:04
Part 6: Wiring problems: Situations where filters can create very high magnetic fields 17:51
Part 7: Filters can make the magnetic fields even “dirtier” 25:00
Part 8: Audible sounds and noises you can hear from the filters 30:27