Bed Canopy Naturell


This product is a premium sheer 100% natural cotton fabric with excellent radio frequency shielding performance. The conductive threads are insulated so no exposed metal, no flaking and no need for grounding. There are 3 convenient overlapped openings (right, left and foot of bed). Shielding Effectiveness is 99.99% or 40 dB at 1000 MHz and 99% effective up to 10 GHz. Application is suitable for providing shielding protection from cell towers, cell phones, cordless phones, security systems and wireless computer gear. Product #: SLT-1073.

Single Naturell
($1,053.00 USD Each)

Double Naturell
($1,314.00 USD Each)

Queen Naturell
($1,404.00 USD Each)

King Naturell
($1,544.00 USD Each)

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